Neighborly connections in your city

Like this @Mj_206 ?

And that’s a great idea. Should you decide to, please invite me. I would love to do something like that.
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I hit some buttons... Here I am! Does 805 California work?
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Would like to see a button stay connect after we buy from each other, after both party give 5 stars rating or something similar to stay in touch after all neighbor helping neighbor is a good way to building great community.
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That is the reason you guys meet up then decided if chemistry works out then yall needs to move closer than just transaction no further contacts. Anybody can make a single sell but only few make more than one times sell. I wants to be that person. Also I wants repeat customers rather than trying to finds next buyer. For me, I only focus on my closed customers that I personally know and treat them best. They will likely a buy from you again. That just me two cents. About stalker used your judgement, trust your instinct and common sense will serve you well. There will be couple nuts cases that is stalkers but there are laws to deal with them. Happy selling.
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@0317 perhaps you missed my point their is following button on their profile page click and follow them. But I wants to keep tract my good buyer not stalker. I get your points. I'm the same way don't like people bother me for stupid reasons only for info regarding to the products they're going to buy.
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Yes same problem here! I dnt have or use fb, instagram, snapchat or NOTHING like that either! Nit really fair to the rest of us just bc we dnt have these apps or we choose not to we should not lose pts or profile ratings bc of it!
Clarksville, TN
I am originally out of Phoenix!!
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I live in Puyallup, WA, maybe 35 miles from Seattle, WA.  I have not made any friends from off here. I have made a few sales and been stood up a few times by flakers not serious in buying, but overall it’s a good place to sell. I also have facebook and I advertise on there as well and Twitter and instagram. I make personalized items for anyone interested.