Neighborly connections in your city

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Hello @SummerNightSky

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What is holding you back from meeting your neighboors?

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Hello im curtently in hospital cause i have type 2 diebtic with congenative heart failer and enlarged lung .i can in cause wy whole leg so bad it got infection and i gonna be moved to short term therapy. And was woundering there would be help to get 3 item that ill really need ill need a rollermatic 4 wheel walker with seat wide
Cammode and a bathroom shower chair. I barrowed these frm friend i had to give them back i thought i would write this up to see i can get any will very much apprecated..

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Hello @Littlekisses67

May each day bring you renewed strength.

In which area do you live? 

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Welcome to the Community Forums @Littlekisses67. I'm sorry to hear about your health issues...keeping you hospitalized and going through rehab facility. However, moving into therapy is good news because it's progress. And if you can be a little better tomorrow than you were today, then that's a good thing!


The forums are designed for sharing ideas, tips and opinions. It's not an area where you'll get much exposure to find those items. But let's hope someone has seen this who can help and reaches out to you in a personal message.

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@JasonOnOfferUp you are right up the freeway from me. Literally just a few miles!

I’m in TumwAter. 🤪🤩😁
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First day on the forum but active offer up user for a few years now. 😁

I am in TumwAter, WA and sell a little bit of everything it seems. Various odds and ends I acquire along the way while I’m out runing amuck

It appears as if Washington state is well represented up in here. Yay baby! Always loud and proud we are in these parts it seems. No better place to call home.....
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Welcome to the Community Forums @Duediligence. So glad you finally made it. Please check out some of the many current topics being discussed. Share your opinions, ideas and experiences. Throw around some kudos wherever you like. Remeber to place an @ in front of members names to address them.
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Trying 2 lol
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Hi @Ttlee welcome to the forum,

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Anyone in the DFW?
Fort Worth, Rd?

Looking for like minded people to hangout, talk art, just chill over all. Welcoming both male & female, PM me