Neighborly connections in your city

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I do the exact same thing @Mikedub !!

My daughter is the manager for The Human Path Homestead in Bulverde. When I am there I have a blast posting and selling items from the farm. Too bad we can't do live animals because she has three pigs to sell.

Who knows out paths might cross in San Antonio!

If you try a different city let us know. 

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Hi @Mikedub welcome to the forums.

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Hay Offerup community! Yass im loving the app and its people. So far havent had a bad meet up and no no-shows. Although i havent posted items myself(soon, I have been prioritizing), Ihave met with a few and thus far have been drastically blessed... (If thats a new phrase lol) but I delight in the idea of a meet & greet! Just to even get freindly advice about topics of gardening, home decor, or organizing clutter. With that type of help, it could help navigate my interest and follow posted items with a true purpose.
Wichita Kansas
Wow ready how interactive everyone is as i feel like the lone ranger sitting in the middle of the usa here lol
I am from Wichita and u am about ti nake my firzt sale feels goid it is out of state i have been on offer up for some time now and I never knew all this existed i always dealt local it is realky good information
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Welcome, @Cowboy69rides Smiley Happy There is a ton of great info spread across these forums! Let us know if you have any questions Smiley Very Happy

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Hey there,
I Downloaded the app today and love having access to already asked questions and suggestions.
I’m in Smyrna, Georgia and I’m an advocate for connection through community. Excited to see what opportunities arise from the app.

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Welcome to the Online Community and OfferUp @Darceymahan!

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I just thought it was interesting I grew up in the northwest (Oregon and Spokane WA) and moved here to Mesa AZ 3 yes ago. How are you liking the weather up there? I'm loving the AZ sun here and wouldn't leave for anything.