Neighborly connections in your city

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Hah! @Inapropriate I moved from Mesa to Seattle about 5.5 years ago Smiley Happy Welcome to the community! 

Funny you say you wouldn't leave AZ for anything, because that is exactly how I feel about Washington!! Heart

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Nissa here currently in Everett Washington but from Seattle. I just love love love OfferUp!
I've had many sales and a few purchases without any issues.
I'll be moving from Everett real soon so I'll be posting loads more on OfferUp!
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I used to live in Everett, @MissNiss! Where are you thinking of moving to - back to Seattle? Smiley Happy

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Hi @MissNiss welcome to the forums,,,,,,,,,Offerup is working great for me also ,,,,,,love offerup,,,,,,,,,,,im west of you on the washington coast.,,,,,twenty minutes to the beach.

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Hi im joe and i live in dallas and I haven’t really hung out with anyone on here however i did meet quite a few people but nothing more
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El Mirage Az

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I am excited about meeting peps other than transactions. I live in El Mirage Az for six years now and have less than five aquointences. I am from Portland OR and also lived in Seattle for five years and had friends. How do you meet someone? Great idea to have a friend's category!!!

I hear you same here.
That sounds cool you guys got a good thing going I wish I had something like that with my best friend or my brother.