Neighborly connections in your city

I think I just get lonely and need a good friend too talk to. It's hard to meet someone like that. Some people you can not just trust.
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-Ciao' @jasonjcapetillo-
---So true---
Small town raised that...
Trust was something earned and respected 👍
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wow @onekph13- How can you only have that few  aquantances in six years,,,,,,i have that many new aquantances a week,,,,,,,a lot of times a day,,,,,,,,,,,,,you have to talk to folks,,,,,,,you want to meet people,,,,,,,,make it a point to just speak to four or five people a day,,,,,,,at the store,,walking down the street,,,,,,,at the gas station,,,,,,coffee shop,,,,,,,restaurant,,,,,,,,take a trip to the zoo,,,,,,,,im pretty sure there is a cool zoo not far from your town,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,its been a long time since i was through that area,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,How to talk to people,,,,,,,,,comment on everything,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nice boots,,,,,,,,,,love your hair,,,,i was thinking about painting mine blue also,lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,it doesnt matter what you say,,,,,,,,,anything to start a conversation,,,,,,,,some people are not real receptive ,others its amazing how much you can learn about someone in a ten minute conversation in the parking lot at the grocery store.,,,,,,,,,,,,also,,,,,,,make eye contact with people,,,,,,,,

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I made a friend through an Offer Up sale that has since become not only my friend but a friend of the family. We have shared 2 family Christmas dinners and get together as often as we can! Thanks Offer Up!
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---Believe that's what OfferUp would like to be known for...
Friends, Community & Lifetime Connections---
Glad to hear you are benefiting from their vision 👍😊
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This is the greatest thing I've heard allllll week, @Bams4!! Smiley Happy
Thanks for sharing this with us Heart

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I totally agree with you!! It's important to build those connections so you gain a better sense of who your selling to/buying from-- & stay connected especially to those people who may turn out to be repeat customers. Thanks for sharing!!
Ty for the reply it's feel good to know people are listening to you out there and willing to respond back.
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@jasonjcapetillo--You're very welcome!! That's what this forum is all about: sharing ideas, & experiences!! Maybe your experience can help someone else!! Thanks so much for your feedback!!