Never accept checks, and the big scam on here is sending you a cashier's check

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Never accept a check either in person or through the mail. The big scam is they are out of town and will have a courier bring you a cashier's check and it will be over for your trouble, or to hold it. It's a scam and a fake check. DO NOT ACCEPT ANYTHING BUT CASH. PERIOD. Be safe and great selling to you all !!!!!
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I would never except a check of any kind
Cash rules
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Welcome to the Community forum @Billzdeep88!
You are correct!
Seems this type of scam is very prevalent within the online marketplaces.
Great advice... OfferUp is all about safety!
See ya around the Community!
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Never take PayPal either,that's another scam,they get your item then get the money back from PayPal,ive seen it more in using Craigslist,they are from out of state and ask if you would accept it .
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I just got a message from a potential “ buyer” that tried to run the “ cashiers check scam on me - you know the one where the “ mover” comes to pick up the item & your asked to accept a fee for removing the ad !! I reported him & sent him a response saying I reported him & that I hope he doesn’t have pre existing warrants because agents should be coming for him soon!! Can’t believe they are still using this old trick. I guess it must work sometimes. Anyway for a heads up he was using the user name “Jakinoladeyi” on here so beware everyone!!
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I wanted to say thank for the wise information
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I am so aware of this thanks 🙏 for your advice
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Never trusted pay pal anyway thanks
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Just always be cautious and safe
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Your more than welcome. And glad I could help out .