Never got paid and it’s been 3.5 weeks

I sold a set of Mercedes car lights, shipped the very next day. A week later the guy tells me he didn’t like them and wanted his Money back. I am guessing he filed for a dispute on offer up. I still have a pending for deposit for like 3.5 weeks and still no response. He said he reached out to Paypal and they told him he will get his money back in 15 days, but he won’t send me my lights back (200) valued at 600.00 until he gets his money.
Till then, I’ve reached out three times to offer up with nothing but auto response messages.
Tomorrow is week four and no money, no return information, no items and I am just here waiting
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From what I read, it sounds like you went off the app to do the transaction. There's no way for him to use Paypal on the app to pay you. Also, he has 3 days to file a buyers claim if you guys actually went the official route of using the app. I dont think offerup is going to help you out.
No I went by the app, I think he set up his payment via PayPal instead of putting a bank or credit card
Craig (OfferUp Support)
Dec 7, 8:16 AM PST


We were notified that there was a problem with 2012-2015 Mercedes pair C250 Headlight Assembly Genuine. Specifically, that it may be counterfeit.

Due to your account history, we have decided to close your account with OfferUp. This decision is final and not appealable.

We've disbursed funds for the 2012-2015 Mercedes pair C250 Headlight Assembly Genuine, and depending on your financial institution it can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days for the funds to reflect in your account.

All pending payments will be disbursed, except any with a Buyer Protection claim made against them. Those payments will be delayed until we're able to complete our investigations and may be withheld.

If we decide not to disburse future payments, you will be notified at that time.

How can I have And sell counterfeit vehicle headlights that’s crazy now they wanna close my account specially since I’ve had this account for two years
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I'm letting you know there is no way to hook Paypal up to this site. As far as Offerup is concerned, the buyer is right when he made the claim. He might have put that when he made the claim. Offerup doesnt look at the items. I'm sorry that they closed your account.
OMG. How could they tell you what your lights are worth! How could they determine that? If they are counterfeit or not. How did the man prove " they aren't real" and for them to close the account and withhold the money?
I'm actually on the opposite side looking for answers for the claim service.

I purchased a phone from someone after asking questions and to see if the phone was unlocked to work with Verizon. The person said yes. After all , I felt confident to buy. Paid shipping for priority. That's what was shown. Waited for over a week to receive. Everything visually was good but when I put my sim in , it kept giving a lock for network. TMobile lock. But it gave the opportunity to unlock. so I tried and it failed. Googled and found I might have to pay $80 to unlock. So I decided maybe I'll get the TMobile service instead. When I put the IMEI number in, it showed something like, your device may not work with TMobile network. I was thinking why not? It's a TMobile phone. So I went to copy the IMEI number to find a lookup elsewhere and the messages changed to blocked. Online on one site it showed clean but every other site showed blocked. I called TMobile to see what happened with the phone. They didn't give me full details but 2 choices. She said it could be this person didn't pay they phone off or the reported it lost or stolen for insurance claims so they can buy a new phone. And since you have the phone it might not really have been lost or stolen but they sold for the profit and extra money to their pockets. These were just scenarios but the way she put the last one, I figured she was telling me that is most likely what the seller did. So TMobile put the block on and can't do anything about it. So I contacted the seller with all this information and told them I'm going to have to send it back. It's not unlocked even worse it's blocked. I told them I can't see how else it would work besides wifi. . The person never responded besides their first message saying they paid to unlock it. That's also one thing TMobile said. Is that it gets blocked and they open it for ,I think it was 30 days giving chances to pay before it's blocked again. Something like that. So after all, they never answered me.

I put out a claim thinking they won't answer on purpose until the third day. If I'm stupid and don't put a claim, they'll get paid.but since I did put a claim, on the third day I went to check on the person and finally the had "seen" the message but still no response. Offer up, going into four days, have not sent a message besides that someone on FB from the company sent over the message that I'm still waiting. So it was automated I'm assuming, saying it's been transferred to the payment team or manager. Something like that but nothing more. Its difficult.