New fees- bad move offerup!

Level 1
I am not sure if anyone else noticed, but Offerup now charges $1.99 for every item. Many of my items are less than ten dollars and I’ve already lost out and over $10 worth of profit in the last week Before I even noticed. I have stopped shipping all of my items. This was the wrong move for Offerup because they lost a lot of business for me. I sell about 10 items a week through their shipping program. At least they’re 10% fee was competitive with eBay but not anymore. I’m going back to eBay with most of my stuff and keeping the rest of my items for local pick up. Bad move offerup!!
Level 1
This is new! They just snuck it in this week. As of a week ago offerup was still charging 10%.
BEWARE SELLERS!!! Don’t lose money because you didn’t notice!!!!!!!