New here and Hi...

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-So True... @StevenY-
---Mj_206 seems to be very innovative---😊
Glad you are here StevenY 👍
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@Mj_206--I especially live your positive energy!!
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@KSARASARA--I love your outlook & knowledge you possess!! Awesome job interacting!!
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-Ciao' @Hi-there-
---Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums---
Your uplifting energy and positive spirit is great to have here!
Thanks for helping out and spreading the 👍 😊
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@KSARASARA-Thank you so much for your time, & positive words!! I really appreciate it and sometimes we can all use some positivity!! Thanks again!! 😀
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Absolutely... @Hi-there!
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@KSARASARA--Thank you again!! 😇
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Not from Htown but LA also new here Smiley Happy
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Willowbrook area!!! Hustle town !!!