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Hi, my name is Joe Ham. I am a repair technician and business owner at and I'm on here to either provide help for anyone who needs anything repaired, selling anything broken or have questions about electronics like cellphones, laptops computers, game consoles, drones or any type of electronics. I can also provide data recovery services for anyone who drop their phone in water or have a dead device. O can support with helping the community answer questions on buying or selling electronic devices or help if anyone looking to try and fix something on there own. Hope to be of value here. Awesome and thank you
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Thats awesome and I'm sure you will be very helpful to many.
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Welcome @tinker_techguy Smiley Happy

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Hey so I have MSI cards and I wanted to know how do i sell those ?
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I have an Android tablet that needs a battery to be fixed. I would be very grateful if you could or knew a way to fix it!



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I am new and in 10hours sold my first product!!
Do you fix flat tv
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Check to see if your coming back to the Community Forums @tinker_techguy. You had a great first post but we haven't seen you since. How has your OfferUp experience gone to date? Is it helping your business? Are you still able to answer tech questions here in the forums. Lots of new activity, members and questions. 


Look forward to you joining us once again.

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Hi I have a next book with a cracked screen. There is no discoloration at all. I got an offer for 80 plus tax when the screen it's self is only 10 bucks online. I'm just scared to attempt to put it on my self. Any advice, could u help me?
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If you want to give it a try  and replace the screen and need support, goto ifixit dot com and lookup the specific model or you can even just google the NextBook model like this: "nextbook x  screen replacement"..include the model number within the quotes in place of the x, as there might be an actual step by step instructional video online.