New to the area...ish

Well I grew up round here. Just right down the road, the next town over as matter of fact. Moved away then traveled for years now I'm back. But it seams things have changed, perhaps its a common skill I lack. But even for all the pages,blogs, and neat little apps nearly every buyer I meet is a something 4 nothin lowballer or hack. Most are quite rude, at the least do they lack. the common show of respect towards an owner of product is barely here, is it like this with others in my area or just a few bad seeds. Not trying to make fortunes here nor gain enemy's. Just trying to supplement some income, and not be out on the street. Much love to everyone except those ( )( ) 🎩who swear on it all they'll buy and they'll meet, then they disappear till the fall
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I agree...oh and I'm new to the area too.
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@TheReverenDice--Hello & welcome!! There are some people, through buying and selling outlets, that may not show follow through or have a lack of commitment. On the other hand, there are many great people who are committed, have great communication, & if they're interested in an item, follow through until the transaction takes place.

Just stay encouraged & know there are still many great people out there. Take care!!