New to the neighborhood don't know anyone yet ! Anyone else new around 95307

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Aww...Go on with your Texan Sweet, Southern Self!!!
Gotta Love the OU Neighborhood!
State Flower of ⭐Texas:
Blue Bonnet
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@REMBERANCE friend you really do your research well! Floridians are good peeps too-we both deal with major hurricanes & are definately overcomers! L11
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This thread is bringing me all the warm fuzzy feels Heart Smiley Happy

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@Mj_206 me too it’s like I’m sitting in front of a really nice campfire drinking a cup of Hot apple cider listening to the conversation! 👍
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Yay... this is the most comfortable time of year here! "SPRING BREAKERS" will be arriving very soon... lol.
My High School Sweetheart went to SMU in Dallas, "Richarde"🌹
Young Love followed... lived in a super small town in TX, I'm talking "ONE" main road:
"Main Street!" lol
Stayed a whole (3) months.
Very "scary movie" creepy lil town SMALL... ( dry too...🍷)
🌀 Those Hurricanes can be dangerous! TG for Doppler "Radar"
They're just part of "Coastal Living"
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Sure is... @Mj_206!
@L11 is very sweet!
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Great visual @Hotrod!
Sooo... love campfires with everyone gathered, roasting smores... yuuummmyyy!
Can smell them... 👍😉
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@REMBERANCE is pretty sweet as well. We're both convinced we've known each other from another time....another's this for camp fire talks & hot cider or other beverages of choice??? L11
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Hi, how do you like it here so far? Smiley Happy
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Hard to tell at this point.