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Hello people I'm new to this is there any pointers anybody can give me? I had seen where you're suppose to be able to ship to people am I right? I guess I'm just trying to get a feeling for this lol. Thanks in advance.
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Hello TeenerJim you can get started with shipping by looking over this information.

As for tips you can look through the forum.

They should be stickied to the main forum page.

Furthermore you can search for specific questions.

If you find something is not addressed yet let us know.
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Thanks so much I have no idea what I'm doing lol. Is this much safer than eBay? I'm not huge on eBay.
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@TeenerJim--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! I hope you have a great time interacting with others, exploring the different forums, & sharing your thoughts and experiences!!
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Thanks hi-there. There's awesome people here I'm glad I joined.
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@TeenerJim--Thank you so much for your time and feedback!! I'm super excited that you're enjoying this communication platform!!


eBay is more straightforward and safer on all counts with better customer service.


OfferUp is self-explanatory for local/in-person transactions, but if you intend to be a shipping seller, it is still in its infancy stage. If you intend to buy and opt to have the item shipped, Stripe (the payment processor the OU uses ) is not as efficient and effective as Paypal. As @goblin  recommended, conduct a search within the forums in regards to everything involved when buying/selling using the shipping option.


If you intend to only "ship" as a buyer and/or as a seller, I would recommend Mercari over OfferUp, as it is more established.

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Well I'm more or less a-scared of eBay because there is so many scanners out there. Not saying there won't be here but I guess it'll be worth a try. The only thing I've seen is my debit/credit card is apparently showing up as a credit card rather than a debit so I can't use it. I'll try not to throw myself on the floor and kick and scream though lol jk