Just made my second sale on day number 2 of using Offerup. Two great buyers. Excited to start looking for items to buy for myself.

Welcome @Redskinsfanman ! That's great to hear! Hope you take the time to explore the forums and blogs.

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Yes @Redskinsfanman welcome to the Community forum that’s fantastic! 👍
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@Redskinsfanman So glad to hear that! Yay!! What have you sold so far? Smiley Happy

I've sold a heavy bag, M&M collector item, high heel chair....that's just a few of the items. Offer up has been great
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@Redskinsfanman Awesome!! 

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Hey @Redskinsfanman I'm just
reaching out to see how your experience has been since you’re last post. I hope your still enjoying using OfferUp. I’d like to welcome you back to the community forums to share your experiences and ideas as well as your opinions. On what you have learned along the way also what can you share with other members here in the forum?😎🇬🇧🔚
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@Redskinsfanman-Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a wonderful opportunity to interact with others, explore the different forums, & share your experiences & insight!!