No luck selling stuff

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Im having trouble selling stuff. People just waste my time and dont show up.
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What do you think the problem is do you have any idea what it might be
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Hello @Barbieg89,

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What am i doing wrong
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Maybe you to far family
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Sorry to hear that you are having troubles. How long have you been selling? You can find help here an entire section dedicated to no shows. We all have them but there are certain things you can do to help minimize the no shows.  You can find selling tips here. 



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@5RINGS Hi! Are you posting your items in the right categories? Are you posting lots of photos and clear descriptions? I'm sure lots of community members here would love to offer you some tips! Also, make sure to check out our Tips forum and blog for more great advice Smiley Happy

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I am posting in right category, presentation is good. I have sold online before I find a lot of people all what a bargain, however, I am being offered low ball prices. All my items are either new or gently used with manuals and etc. I am asking for beloe what I paid. Yet I get messages where they want it for garage sale prices.
They sound crazy but don't reply so fast. People are quick to hit the offer price button but will not comment. I personally use a lot of cut and paste in my replies. You'll learn with time who are the flakes.
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The more questions they ask, usually turns out to be a no show, no buy, well that's my experience anyway.

If I have good pictures and a good description and they ask me everything I already have answered in my post, most times I don't bother. Serious buyers know what they want and they hurry up and buy.. Lol.. That's a joke but seriously I only have a 75% reply rate but I have sold a lot of things.

Some people offer half or less than half of my asking price, I don't even bother responding to those, honestly, not to be rude, but I have other sites and other work to attend to, I won't waste my time replying to a low ball offer.

Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it no matter what one thinks its worth.

I have had things listed for 2 or 3 months, ignoring low ball offers, waiting for the right buyer and I get 90-95% of asking, because of course I'm always willing to take a few bucks off!

Good Luck!