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I posted several items a while back before getting sick myself n had responses but when I returned a response to them after they stated they wanted item nothing !!! Irritating! I moved on an yet again another did same!! People also waiting to see if prices will be lowered drastically I was selling from fathers estate to pay for funeral costs that happened suddenly in midst of my own illness!! People want everything for free I want to fix everyone too but some things have to take place!!! Frustrated with offerup
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@kimboison--Often times that's what potential buyers do. They want to view the item, ask questions, try to negotiate, & sometimes wait to see if the price of the items drop. I can totally relate to you!! I receive messages, we communicate back & forth, they agree to buy, we arrange a meet up time & place, I wait & follow up, & unfortunately nothing. I started moving on & waiting for that next buyer. You may even come across buyers who will not respond or show up & then a week or so later the person reaches out to you. I hope our shared experiences help. Thanks for sharing!!