No show, flakes and low baller offers

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Does OfferUp actually do anything about reports?! I’m tired of no shows and now baller offers.

If it says PRICE FIRM why is the customer allowed to make me a low ball offer? I listed an iPhone X 255gb and got low ball offer of $200?

OfferUp you need to punish no shows, low ball offers, rude comments from buyers. Be like Mercari they report when a selller doesn’t deliver or punish buyers for reports. Step it up! Protects your buyers and sellers. Stop wasting our time.
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I just got an update about the "buy and hold" option through this app, I will only be using this option now. No more wasting my time!
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Agree. I got stood up for two times last week, the buyers just didn't show up or reply messages !! I started to wonder who they are, why they "pretend" to buy. There should be a punishment in rating or what.

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Yes we stopped looking and set up a meeting. This jerk doesn’t bother to let us know anything. Wow strange
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I agree from my experience with another site like this it is frustrating. People want everything for free yet they want high dollar for the items they sell. So greedy. And terribly rude to not show and never be heard from again.
Yes I do understand where you're coming from
Lately thats all there is on OfferUp, thats why I usually only do business with accounts that are at least 4+ months or older and ratings more than 5+
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Product of a sanctuary state. It comes with the name tag. ^^^we should collectively open our prices 40% higher then our highest price. Maybe the offers then, would be more in range
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Yesssssss!!! Punish them! Then post it live for us all to see!!! Or better yet! Charge us if we want to take a turn or three! Totally with you on this subject here!
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I sell cars, imagine how many no shows I get? What's funny is people can make offers on the cars but no one ever does. Some just enjoy telling me it's priced to high and never make an offer. Strange...
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While in the San Diego area, I’m there often for work, I was to meet another OfferUp member to make a purchase. She didn’t show up, doesn’t respond to messages, even though I can see she has read them . My husband and i went out of our way in order to meet her, this sort of thing is so ANNOYING. Is there any way that these people can get a negative rating or reprimand?
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For real tho .. you wasting your gas and time for other things you could be doing
Ain’t nobody got time for that!