No show, flakes and low baller offers

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It would be great if they could punish the flake or no show, but the lowball offer issue, I don't agree with.
If it's a new post, and more than I want to pay, I don't make an offer. I look for stuff that I want, that's been sitting on the site for a long time. I then usually make an insulting offer, sometimes they say yes, but at least we can negotiate from that point. If people offer me me an amount that's too low, I just say no. If they persist without an increase, I just ignore them.
I like the ability to haggle, my father was a haggling master. I buy low and sell high on here, all the time.
Just bought a bed last Wed for 40 and it just went out the door for 100.
Low balling is an art, as long as you're not a jerk about it.
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I been dealing with a lot of those lately, no show or make an offer or agreed to an offer and stop messaging right afterwards. What the heck is the point, I just don't get it, do people get a kick just to waste others time? Also the rating system is a absolute joke.
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Been at this long time, People who don’t show up and don’t have the decency to even take one minute to say pass or unavailable should be giving a warning if it happens again they should be kicked off the site.
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When they gave me a lowball offer over and over I get very upset and go to the items they are selling and offer them a low price just so they know how it feels I think it is a great idea you should all try it they start to understand
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Totally agree these people are so inconsiderate and rude they definitely need off this site you guys really need to get together and figure out a way to punish these people posting a bad review by you guys would be commendable
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The rating system does not do anything! It is a joke! It actually encourages people to **bleep** around or to be a troll, just because it doesn't punish user that are just messing around.
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I do the same thing. I have the main cross streets in the post and don't give the address untill they are ready to come over. I still get no-shows though and they get blocked right away, so they can do it to me just once.

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If you don't set the price on your items as firm, expect the potential buyer to ask "what's the lowest you can go?" That's ok. When I set certain products as "Firm on Price" and clearly note it in the description, it's very rude to ask "what's the lowest you can go?" When they ask that, I tell them to read the description. I mostly sell sneakers (used and new) and sportswear. It doesn't matter what you sell. Firm on price means firm on price and if they can't understand or respect it, then I will block them, period.
I like that plan. Maybe I'll start doing this!