No show, flakes and low baller offers

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$10 is low for computer equipment. But you have to understand knowledge and spec to post those item. The market is full of them. Most seller always sell high prices with very slow computer. With computer and electronics you can’t expect to get retail or near retail. If you want those type of prices you have to list them on eBay and let it sit.

Example: a tower pc

Look picture closely saw a old generation chip
Pc is worth about $40 bucks and even at $40 it will sit for a long time. Pentium machine are useless only good for running old games and other non demanding task
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Only one thing to resolved stop using app like this. Offerup and plenty of other. Next time when you guys download a app, Make sure they have phone support, Make sure they take community forum seriously, While base in the U.S. These apps are nothing more than Craigslist and EBay alternative. While you guys nag about the the buyer. Nothing will be done.

Only way it can help is by the media, Or every Youtuber. Only way to stop this garbage. These people have no respect. They’re raise like monkey
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lol then you are really likely to get ppl low ballin.. sometimes users will low ball ppl just bcuz they have a high price with no intention to actually buy lol.. i guess u could call this "trolling".. i am guilty sometines but only when i see someone selling something used for more than it costs brand new lol like come on.. a 300$ item brand new tryna sell for 500$ haha

Another one that cracks me up is when they have a high price on s phone.. in the description it says "small scratch" then u look at the pics and its shattered front and back, google locked and blacklisted then they add "it works perfect!" lol
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i think u can only rate ppl uve had a convo with that u select as buyer when selling stuff.. its best this way trust me lol.. on other apps for example haters would randomly give me low ratings even tho i never even talked to them bcuz they were sellin somethin similar or if u dont drop ur price or anything they could hit u with a low rating.. it got so bad on another platform that kids would just go in there n give a1 star rating then block u so u couldnt even retaliate lol