No show, flakes and low baller offers

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I had a truck for sale and I would get **bleep** offers. Like less then half of my asking price. My problem is making the **bleep** offer without even looking at it
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How do you manage for them to come to you?

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I sell a lot of furniture. I usually give them an approximate location and tell the to message me when they’re heading my direction and I’ll send them the exact address. I haven’t had a flake in a long while since I stated doing that
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Great idea!!
Agree completely. It would be great if Offer up could have a entry that shows the scheduled meet up place and time. Then after, you confirm they showed or didnt, so you can leave a negative mark on these people's page. Maybe then people would take it more seriously. Quite frustrating, especially when you have it all arranged, back and forth, then ... nothing. So rude.
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VERY CAUTIOUSLY! Had someone come p/u large item several days ago. First time I've allowed someone to my home. I checked their profile first! Then after several messages I advised person to general area and told him to text me when close. Basically, you use your best intuition or gutt feeling about the situation and then decide if you feel it's safe. I live in N. Houston area and there are lots of hustlers or thieves that scope out what you are selling. I've recently heard on the local news that some people are being robbed while home. The thieves know exactly what they want and demand the homeowner to hand over specific items. Not saying this is a result of items posted on OU...BUT it could happen if you post things for sale on any sight that theives see an easy mark for...Be cautious ALWAYS! My situation the other day went very well. Good luck with your sales! L11
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"Buy and hold option?" Tell me more. And, how do I access that feature?
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I agree, there should be some way to tag those who no show on you or the person who says they'll sell to you then sell to someone else as dishonest or not reliable!
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I agree, I'm always looking for a deal, but I always try to give deals. It's the friendly thing to do!