No show, flakes and low baller offers

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I honestly think some people are just straight up trolling! And since Offerup doesn't have a real rating program, Trolls are just going to keep doing it.
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Either they are trolling or just trying to set people up in person to rob them of their property in person. I never have a good feeling about that.

Those individuals should be made to verify MORE of their information or risk losing their ability to log on.
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And alot of those no show are people with 5 stars! Fake accounts?

Guys...   Create your buyer reqs. on your photo pages with all your requirements.  kindly message that you only transact with Tru Members only.  This should immediately slow down the bad actors rather quickly.  after one message block them and drop em the link to Tru.  with a nice kiss off of success with your search...sound good?



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You'll end up losing a lot of good quality buyers if you only go with tru members . I refuse to put my I D on here and I don't take payments. I only meet in person and verify the item. I'm 5 stars with over a hundred transactions and I've never flaked on anyone.
I think people have gotten too soft. **bleep** happens and life is tough, getting stood up for a purchase or sale, is not a big deal.
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@mrgobbles ...If any buyer did this to me, I would NOT do business with them.  This app is a platform only.... it is not an ebay, nor a guarantor of your money, as PayPal.  There are many flaky sellers out there also, who do not disclose issues with merchandise until you have wasted time and money traveling to see the item only to find out that it us not good, has more problems than you care to deal with, or just plain looks too good to be true, as in stolen goods. Your attempt to copy the mantra of a retail brick and mortar, especially without having any gravitas, insurance, or a business presence, will send you the way of many of them: out the door!  If you have that many problems on line trying to sell unwanted goods, try a good old fashioned garage sale! 


Your recommendations just sound rude to me.  Try spending a bit more of your time sounding human and approachable.  It may bag you a buyer.


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I have an avatar for safety. Google your name, it can be very sobering.
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I have never once looked to see if a buyer is verified. I have admittedly looked at their stars, but usually only receive the initial question from those with less than stellar star ratings so it doesnt make a difference to me. I did sell a shipped item to a buyer with low numbers and 4 stars, so we will see how that goes soon. I am still unclear how true you and star ratings really make any difference on offerup as they rarely reflect anything at all and the rating system is ineffectively flawed. I will though, choose not to spend much time with back and forth for users whom recently just signed up and have zero transactions or items for sale. It really never goes beyond initial question anyhow.
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I always tell the buyer to msg when they are 10 minutes away form the meeting spot. I don't leave the house until I get that message. If they message they are there, I tell them I'm headed there way.

If folks ask to meet halfway, the answer is no, I have been burned to many times and will no longer meet anywhere but my designated meeting spot. Most get it and drive to me!
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Also one time I met a Spanish guy at bath and body works half way to fell him a I-phone belongs to my granddaughter
When we met he couldn’t speak English his wife had to relate what he were saying over the phone
He paid 50.00 for the i-phone
Later he text me on offer up saying he were having some problems and he wanted the money back !!
How lucky he were! I sent him my address him and his wife came and got the money he was so appreciative!!
I told him I apologize but to be careful, what if I would have made a FAKE Account he would have lost those 50$ my heart felt good by doing the right thing .. they were so nice !! They wasn’t Angry at all how can others do this to people tho????🤔