No show, flakes and low baller offers

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New Jersey and the tri-state area in general have the worst people. Everyone expects a 80% discount off your item. I hate the military for sending me to NJ. Worst state ever.
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I get a phone number from a person and call them before I make arrangements to meet them. I have them call me 10 minutes before they get to our meeting place. That stops the no-shows. It also separate the wheat from the chaff regarding having a serious buyer.
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If American money there are many ways to detect counterfeit money!! If she accepted fake money it’s her fault for not examining the many security features. She could have met at a bank and said she wanted to deposit the money first then give the phone after it’s in her account. That would have made the fake money backtrack real quick. Also get car license plate number got police and FBI!

Boho, all the sad selling stories. Let me tell you, trying to buy on OfferUp is the most frustrating thing in the world. Sellers post no info or false info on condition and millage. They get insulted if you ask questions. One sent me a profanity lased tirade because I asked a question about condition. They act like they are doing a favor by offering a car for sale. They don't respond. They don't mark items sold when they have been sold. I don't even want to hear about how a buyer waster your time. I made an appointment and drove 2 hours to get the car. When I got there it was sold. He could have text me, but instead he let me drive, then refuse to respond to my text. I drove over an hour to see a perfect car with no rust. The whole floor was rusted out. One said it had 75K. it had over 200K. One was recked on the side not shown in the pictures. I drove over an hour to see that one. I made an appointment with a buyer. drove 40 minutes - he was not home, would not answer my email or text. Sellers on OfferUp are the worst I have ever experienced. I don't want to hear about how a buyer wasted your time with a low offer.

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LOL, I agree. A seasoned seller offered me 15.00 for an item I had listed firm at 75.00 which is 25 less than she can get it on ebay. My first oten listed after starting here today. Have to admit I was a bit insulted. If she had gone 60, I probably would have let it go for that. I really hope this isn't a common occurence.
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What I learn to do. Once they low ball or playing haggling game. I talk trash to them and immediately block them. They won’t buy it but just waste your time. I usually price my Item according to market prices. They usually want it for free or 50 percent off while making demand to drop it off..

Yes the buyer seem to have the mentality that they’re customer ( customer are always right ) this is not a store. I agree they should punish when it state firm on price. The one that usually don’t offer but instead talking non sense to you. Either have no money, window shopper or little kiddo and even adults. Yes grown adult that are extremely rude because they dislike the description to avoid these type of people.

What OfferUp should do to make it more strict. Once the app is loaded have a small cheat sheet about rules and being courtesy toward your community. Failed in these result with a block banned by telephone number and Mac I.D. They should do a 3 strike rule with each investigation.

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This is America 90 percent of them are inconsiderate of this generation. School teach them about greed. It wasn’t like before, When teacher teach them value, Common sense and respect.
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Always meet them up at public. Yes fake money can be around. Meet them at jack in or box or places that have camera. Check all bills and even 20. Large purchase, meet them at atm or at their bank.

I learn this the hard way from Craigslist. Scam with all fake 20

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Those people are very rare. But most of these other are re-seller or just low baller in general. With lot of demand

Can you drop off at 50 percent off
I don’t have the time to pick it up at this low ball offer. Can you drop it off
Me: You want a core Nintendo Wii With lots of games and bundle for $20 bucks and drop it off to you within a 45 min drive. That the cost of gas

They go postal and start cussing

What you can do. Check their offer to see if they’re reseller and low ball them back below 50 percent off. I am pretty sure they will say no. Done it a few times
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I don’t get why people always say their time is valuable. But they have time to go on the internet. It isn’t like most of you have 2-3 jobs with kids. I know several people with that style of living and still make the time. My god! The generation of people these days