No show, flakes and low baller offers

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Great idea! The We Ship option means you have to go through the shipping third party app which means becoming a tru you member. Nothing wrong with that as long as you feel safe to put your ID License into the database. I think I'm getting ready to bite the bullet & join myself as I've met so many really neat peeps here that live out of my home state of Texas. I believe our sales would increase by doing the shipping option. Best of luck to yo. Keep in touch & follow me & I'll follow you as well. ✌🎤💙 L11
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It would be great if they figured out an accurate way of dealing with flakes. With that being said, on letgo they allow people to rank you after two or three message exchange. If the person don’t like the way you respond, even if they’re being a jerk, the rating stays with you. So there’s pros and cons to it. I usually give them an approximate location and have them message me when they get there first.
Yup. Same thing happened to me and she had the nerve to lowball me even more. If it isn't cash at the meet, then I'm not going! And I hate what's the lowest you can go question!! Sheesh man....
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When ask what’s the lowest you will go
I don’t get offended, because I know how things could be sometimes.. one time I was selling a new king size mattress with the box for 150.00 lady ask what’s the lowest you will take.. after telling me her situation ( which she didn’t have to) I said 125.00 but when she got to my house to pick it up she had 100.00 & 25 in pennies
I told her to keep the pennies it’ was o.k
Now don’t get it twisted I save pennies, but I felt in my 💜 that she needed it the most .. she have 2 kids and they were sleeping on the floor in their new apartment so going forward it’s o.k if they ask Me how low can you go !
Everybody situation is different, everybody is not a user , if you know God voice you listen I follow my intuition,
That’s my Philosophy 💕It is what it is
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Love your Philosophy @Walter1934
and try to adhear to it daily! 😉
"Intuition is the Heart speaking softly"...
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Thanks! It is what it is!!
Hypothetically thinking
Today I got stood up and two hours in a parking lot. Not doing that anymore and no more lowballing. My time is valuable dang it!
Yup. Or when they lowball to a price that's unrealistic and then get mad. If you don't like the price, keep it moving! Frfr
Yes I’m selling a computer equipment for $ 150 and the offer was $ 10!
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I'm pretty diligent about reporting no shows. What happens after that and whether there is any penalty given, I have no idea.

It's pretty inexcusable as a buyer or seller to just ghost a meeting. We all got complicated lives, but if something comes up, at least send an apology message. Even if you change you mind, send a message. It's the grown up thing to do.