No show on a job

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I recently found a person on Offer up to tile my small restroom. He took 5 days to do the work, he originally told me 3-4. He said he would stsrt each day around 8-9am only to show up 10-11 and stay past 9:30 pm each night. The last night he was here he finished around 10pm but neeed to come back to fill in the gaps and make some corrections to a few things. He agreed to come back the following Friday, I confirmed with him during the week. The day before I wanted to confirm and he cut his phone off, his ad on Offer up was also removed. I tried to report him to offer up, but there was nothing they could do. Now today I see another add from him on tile, I msgd him and no response, but he just followed me. Can someone tell me what I can do? I don't want him to do this to anyone else and I don't want him following me.
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Services, or ads for them, are not allowed on Offerup. There isnt anything Offerup can do. I would find a more professional person to help you finish what the first person couldn't.
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@Caholland28 unfortunately that's all to common these days. I myself have been in the business for 43 years now. It shames me to here stories like yours. But it happens so often. Seems the pride in workmanship and the honesty in building in gone. The best thing you can do is make sure that whoever you hire is licensed and bonded and they come with a host of references you can actually call and verify. 

Now I'm in California and I don't know were you are. I also know that every state is different when it comes to laws about licenseing. But if you are in a state that does require a license and bond to do construction than always make sure that the guys or gals that work for you have Thiers. That way if they do you like this guy you can attach their bond and get your job done right!

I know this probably doesn't help much now, but hopefully in the future you can find some pearl of wisdom in what I've said. So good luck and keep me posted on your progress I really would like to know how this turns out