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Some of the items I have listed for sale say that I have a message from a buyer. When I click on the item, there is no message but I can still see the buyers icon underneath my item when I’m looking at it thorough my list. Is this because I have blocked that person? it’s happened several times already. On one occasion I even received an email notification that a buyer wanted to buy something, and when I clicked “view and reply”, the link directed me to my item with no message underneath it. Again, is this happening because I may have blocked this person as well? Do we not receive messages from blocked people but continue to receive notifications on it? I’m confused about this. If these aren’t people that I’ve blocked, then I’m missing out on messages from potential buyers and it’s affecting my sales. Has this happened to anyone else?
Click on the long message number. It will be a long number like hffh64hyg376, see if that works. Good luck
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I would contact support to see what the issue is.
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@alz88--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! A while back the same thing happened to me. I reached out to customer support & they stated the person was reported by other people, & they're account was suspended for our protection. Also, they said this could happen when you have a no show, for example, & you block the person (although you still see the small image/picture of the person's profile within your messages). I hope this helps!!

Also, @aidenholley gave a great point. For further information you can reach out to customer support (in the link provided above). Thanks so much!!
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@Hi-there I am going to add that he probably has them blocked. I've had people that I blocked still be able to message me, and it's a serious bug that they can still message me. Support wont believe that and will call you a liar basically if you bring it up to them. However, if he doesnt have them blocked, your explanation would probably explain it.
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@aidenholley--Hello!! That's very strange. If you block someone, all communication should then stop (or else what would be the point of the blocking option). Very bizarre!! Thanks so much for your time and the heads up!!
Always something new to learn on OU. Take care.
I am having this exact issue but never blocked anyone so it can't be that for me.