Now all i need is some cool friends on here

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I like making money .how dont hope i can sell some stuff here
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@Qburt welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

😎 don’t know if I’m cool enough what do you think? Yep we all love cool cash!!
All kidding aside, you will definitely make money posting your items with pictures on the OfferUp app, just look around the forum there’s plenty of threads with great advice. and I’m sure other members will pop in and help. 😎
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-Ciao' @Qburt-
---Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums---
There are definitely some friendly members here! 🆒
Be sure to read all OfferUp TOS/Guidelines & stay engaged in the Community 👍☺
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@Qburt--Wishing you the best on setting and accomplishing your goals!! Also there are a lot of great people on this Offer Up Community Forum to interact with, share ideas & gain insight. Welcome!!
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@Hi-there and in my book your one of the great people! 👍
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@Hotrod-Thank you so much for your positive words!! I really appreciate it!! Also I gained a lot of insight through your words & positive outcome!! You never know the impact you may have on others!! Thanks so much!!
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@Hi-there you’re so welcome your a breath of fresh air here in the forum. 👍
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@Hotrod--Thats very nice if you to say!! Thanks so much!!