Offer Up Cancelled Payment After Buyer Received Merchandise Please help!!

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I sent this message to customer support yesterday. This morning they cancelled the order and the "pending tranaction" for my payment of item received by the buyer.

Transaction #2842631
Buyer purchased item via shipping. Buyer is local so I gave them the option to meet in person. Buyer did not want to cancel credit card transaction/order for fear of not receiving refund. I did not receive cash payment for item and buyer received item. I need funds released to my card. Item will not ship with shipping label because buyer already received item in person at walmart. Buyer can confirm. Please view my messages with buyer.

Please help!!! Customer support cancelled the entire transaction and buyer has the merchandise. Why did they do this????!!!
Community Helper
Unfortunately, since you didnt ship it and the buyer paid shipping on it, you cannot get your money through Offerup. You can contact the buyer to see they will pay you with cash.
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Thanks for the response. I still have not received any answer back from offerup regarding this issue. Luckily the buyer is an honest person and we are meeting later for cash payment. This will be my last time using this app.