Offer up commission now 9.9% (2%) increase

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I noticed the commission went from 7.9 to 9.9% which is pretty significant to smaller companies like mine . Considering I’m selling smaller items. Offer up charges $5. usps only charges $1.50-$2.66 to ship. Makes selling smaller items alot harder and cuts into profits having to give discounts so I can keep prices competitive.


The increase in commision that offer up takes is now almost 10% which just seems too high. Think about this. offer up takes 10%, you have to pay taxes on what you sell later down the road, + shipping is more expensive then what is needed to ship smaller items smaller than what 20oz?

Is anyone else having issues with this? I feel it is becoming harder for me to make sufficient profit now that the commission has changed as well as such high shipping costs to sell items. Customers seem to think I’m ripping them off with shipping even though we don’t have control of shipping costs and cannot adjust them below $5 for the weight of their item.

I don’t feel like the commission change is good for smaller businesses . Personally I feel it is a littel greedy if it is compared to other selling platforms. 10% + taxes etc ads up when your trying to make a profit... I’m forced to sell my inventory below cost now if I choose offer up.. YES I know I can go to other platforms to sell. But maybe this should be looked  at. Not good for my business but curious about others.

Maybe you guys could help?
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@offerup why wouldnt you inform us about this, that is a significant increase. I might be leaving.
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Let me tag both of you into thread topic; 9.9% so you can review Mj_206 Community manager response about your concerns.
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I agree, a increase to 9.9% is exuberant. Especially if you’re not gonna inform your users. My posts were made when the service fee was 7.9% and now they’re 9.9%. Doesn’t make any sense
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Yea this is total bull for not informing anyone! Especially since their CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THE WORST!! I just made a large sale and agreed to the lower price because I calculated the 7.9% in but now that it’s 9.9% I’m not gettting the amount I wanted for the item.
I’ve had a lot of issues with offerup including sending over 20 emails back and forth for almost 3 months trying to get payment for an item that was shipped on time the same day but later showed up that I canceled the payment. A new person wrote me back every time acting like it was a new issue or mention something about a different item completely and just say “ok if theres anything else we can answer for you let us know” and then ignore the issue at hand over and over again. I seriously felt like I was being pranked it was so ridiculous the responses I was getting. I got so frustrated and should have left right after that but had a few more sales happen locally so stayed around. I will for sure be leaving now after this.
Offerup is a joke and I need to find a new place to sell my items. I tried Letgo but the items expire so quickly I didn’t care for it.