Offer up more chit chat then sales

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Hello @A14

I have some more chit chat for you.... 

Welcome to OfferUp. Take the time to navigate and find your way around the forums where you will find amazing and useful information. While in the forums be sure to join the conversations, ask questions, share, hand out a kudo or two (thumbs up), earn badges and enjoy.

What are you selling?

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No sales yet?

There is a lot of talk.

It's not WalMart, so there will always be some back and forth.

Maybe something on your end needs to change?

Is the description accurate?

Images look good / well lit?
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@A14 I went to your profile to see and there's probably a lot of chit chat for you and interested buyers because you need to add more to your descriptions and more photos. 


The more transparent you can be, and descriptive with the items you are selling, the better Smiley Happy