OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

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Remember this website Is intended for people to get rid of items and junk that they have laying around the house collecting dust and clutter.
Instead of donating items to goodwill, having a garage sale or throwing them out.
You now have the opportunity to make some money and things that you want to get rid of.
So do not get upset with people that give you lowball offers or are annoying to deal with, just remember every time you sell something I am here, it is money back in your pocket that you would of never had if it was not for this OfferUp site. So don’t get mad, be happy and keep your eye on the prize. You are getting money for your garbage and nothing is better than that 😃👍🏻
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I LOVE this post and perspective!! I always try to tell people that get upset with lowballers that every seller is trying to make a buck, and every buyer is trying to get a great deal, and that can cause some mismatched expectations between buyer and seller. It seems like we live in a time where people feel entitled, and get personally offended if there is any difference of opinions.


It's so easy to respond to a lowball offer with just "No thanks" instead of trying to be rude back. Asking a question about price isn't a rude or annoying step in the selling process in my opinion, but everyone is different! I just try to believe the best in everyone and know that when it comes to ANY OfferUp transaction, I'm the one that gets to decide who to buy from or sell to. If someone doesn't want to pay enough - I won't sell to them. If a seller is being rude or selling an item for too much - I won't buy from them. I could go on about this topic forever, @Phil_Webber Smiley Tongue

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@Phil_Webber I couldn’t agree more with @Mj_206 I also really enjoyed reading both you’re posts Thanks for sharing Phil_Webber - Mj_206.
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You are so right just think if you were not on offer up your Treasures to be donated or in the landfill. Be happy you are here to Have fun and get a profit
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Way to jump in! I totally get it. There are quite a few non-junk items I have sold where some have tried to suck the life out of me, but for the most part I get it. Just depends on which category & items you have to sell. L11
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You said it @Phil_Webber!
Love your outlook...
In addition, make some friends along the way... @L11 GIR! 😀
Offerup can also be used for;
Clearing new innventory, selling specialized new & used items locally etc.
The idea thats just a garage sale...If there are more pro sellers on Offerup the buyers win comparisons price wars so forth.
I am happy each time I make a sale here.
OfferUp should be utilized by all sellers at all levels.
I realize I am just a new person here but OfferUp has alot going for it, no monthly listing fees etc.

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You make a good point about more Pro Sellers (which I'll check out), and that OU is a good sight for all. All of us are here to make something out of what we buy or sell. Welcome! Good to meet you. L11
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Make sure you do not sell the good stuff as it is gifts to our families and children. Thats biblical. Its great to sell goods and services, as the will be here on earth longer then us. Making a good friend selling cheap is memories for sellers and buyers. Make meaning of items buying and selling as we is all people, including the inventors.
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I agree. Great post & perspective. I’m new to the site but I do think that some people may have this site confused with E-bay or Posh-mark with regard to pricing (simply my perception of this site as compared to those mentioned). I am under the perception that Offer Up is, as the originator of this post stated, to make a few dollars on items that previously would have been donated to charity or simply discarded but not to function as a resale site or business venture. Any person is welcome to offer any amount for any item I have listed for sale & I won’t be offended. Anything is more than I had for something I obviously don’t want or need & who knows I actually may accept an absurdly low price if I need the money badly enough or simply if the Spirit so moves me at the time!

Just my 2 cents worth!