OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

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I like your ideal. I think it is a great place to make money from wholesale product pr an omline garage sale or business. I think its great for whatevrr the community is looking for and i think it is a great resource to meet the community your in for saftey purposes and to creatd a productive environment!!!

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@C4S9  I like your style. You will do great on OfferUp. Nice to chat again with you. 

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No clue where this originated but I thought you’d appreciate it given one of your community forum posts. A crusty old sea captain I once knew quoted it with regularity...

“I know I’m no shining star. I know how homely I are. But my face I don’t mind it; because I’m behind it. It’s the people out front that I jar”!
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Nice palm.
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I agree.

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Welcome to the Community forum
Nice to have you contributing your feedback in the Community!
Participation is part of the Community fun... & meeting new OU Neighbors as well, of course.
So... let's SELL!
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I'm exceptionally pleased to hear someone speak TRUTH about saving some or most of GOOD STUFF to pass along to children and grandchildren as a piece of inheritance. Considering how blessed I have been I now have that responsibility to assure all loved ones are kept in mind with some piece of their past heritage. Welcome & thanks! L11
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Wow...I wish more sellers would tune into this community forum.  They might find other sellers have similar problems as well as ideas for communicating better!  I am a fairly recent member....and I must tell you that I have had quite a few encounters with "Rude" sellers.  I use quotes here because Rude has different meanings and definitions for many people.  To me, taking up to a week, or even longer to respond to questions is extremely rude. Especially so when the buyer has to contact the seller because the seller did not post standard information about an item in order for the buyer to decide if the sellers item is what they are looking for....particularly when the info is so simple and standard that the seller should not have overlooked including it in the listing!  Such as dimensions for furniture, sizes in clothing, etc.  This has happened so often since I have been a member that I am amazed these sellers actually sell anything! As a long time member of Craigslist, I can only assume that Offer Up is much younger and the members are primarily younger folks who prefer the platform but have not yet acquired their selling chops!  


Admittedly, some items are higher priced and perhaps in greater demand; however, why putter around with a less professional listing and go through the aggravation  for nothing? The whole point to listing items for sale on Offer Up is to makes sales....yes?! Why bother? Oh, my personal face us when I respond to a seller with questions for more detail and 3 or 4 days later, I am informed the item has sold! And this is for a listing that is 6,8,or even 12 months old! What is going on????!!!! Craigslist has it all over Offer Up in this department. After this last round of trying to buy those things I need or want, I seriously doubt I will consider utilizing Offer Up again. I just do not have the patience to deal with the aggravation.  @Phil_Webber