OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

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I have given away many things and yet most of those people don’t bother to give me any sort of positive rating even if I drove miles to deliver. It’s really strange.
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There are other options if this is just a garage sale for dusty junk. I have been fortunate in buying a few things I wanted— I never lowball, either.
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@Cedar  I think that a lot of people are using terms like "junk", and " garbage" somewhat loosely. I personally don't sell any low end items. And as far as giving things away and not being appreciated for your good deeds, well its unfortunately the way things have evolved in today's society. Society has forgotten how to care! We all need to slow down and notice people  like you that are willing to help. I hope that you continue being who you are and don't let this new breed of people change what you do. Your good deeds will come back to reward you when you least expect it!

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@Woodguychris  I couldn’t agree with you more. Only wish more people were like that.

Hello, I am not sure who I can get help from. My messages or responses to sellers and buyers are not going thru. I get a messsages that I violated community error and I don’t know what that is or how to fix it?
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@LighthouseMan you have either sent contact info such as phone number or email, asked sellers/buyers to text you, or have sent the same messages to multiple users.
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Thank you, for the reminder. Offer Up, is not Amazon, or E-Bay. It is a virtual garage sale. I get questions, like I receive on Offer Up, on my front lawn. The difference is, No one comes to my home, my privacy is intact, and I can continue with my day to day life, without having it shut down, by a Yardsale. Everything, can be done, from the safety of my own home.😎
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Its preference if someone comes to my home. Whatever makes the sale. Meeting and hang areound is also great. Its fun. Great customer service.
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Yep its time for me to start selling
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