OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

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Im just looking for an online place to sell some stuff I have too much of around the house
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@TheStampLady   Your at the right place to sell. Good luck to you.

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You found it!
Just like my friend, @Jones68, responded... 😉
May I suggest a quick look at the Posting Guidelines prior to your first post. Doing so will save you lots of time... not having to inquire.
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I have a few new items that were meant for something and I couldn’t return. I don’t want lowballs for those items - they are new
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I agree with you To me honestly its not only to sell unwanted items Its also to help yourself make a few dollars on something I own Because maybe I needed the few dollars And lets just say im selling my fossil mens watch for instance And ai put it up for 30 And they send you that big offer of 5.00 lmao seriously their is a 1.00 store in town for people who do that So it definitely does matter what your item is!!
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It is also a good site if you need quick cash. Everybody wins, I paid a bill today with a few things laying around collecting dust. It is a helping hand in a time of need.


My home is furnished 90% OfferUp! I am doing my part to save our planet. I don’t need new. I just need (want lol)
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@betelgeuse_562   Great to hear. Nothing like a good happy ending. Or should I say beginning.