OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

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And on the bright side. Education is something you also get here for free. Like safety tips that some ocer look. There are many ithers.
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That is a cool saying
I am going to borrow it and
Tell people now 😜
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I am sorry that you have had such problems on the OfferUp site.

I look at the rating of the person,
How long they have been a member ,
And how long items are listed to get a gauge whether they are active and good sellers
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@Phil_Webber  I have stuff that’s been here for some time. I had stuff that sold really fast. Nothing to do with me being a good seller. It’s what the people want at the given moment. Believe me. It changes like the wind. But, I wish you all the best on selling and buying. Sounds like you have a plan. Good luck.

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Very well said. I have enjoyed Offer Up for some time now, both as a buyer and as a seller. My recent frustration with this site is sellers not responding, or one word responses to a series of questions, and the most frustrating, making a full price offer, being ignored, then getting a sold notification a few days later. I think sellers should get dinged for no responses. Or it should show up on their profile in a litle better detail than a percentage of response. I dont know. Just a thought.

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@Battmann  We asked for away to be able to rate someone who does a no show or no reply. Don’t know why people do this kind of thing. They are changing the app all the time. If we could rate people that do this type of stuff then it would stop. All we can do is keep asking but for now all we can do is find someone else and report this one and block them. When you do this ( block them) it ask you why. Just type in what happen. Then block them. Move on to someone else to buy from or sell to. You will find good people here. Yes a few bad apples. 

I completely agree. We have to be strong and keep our eyes on the focus of why we even started posting our items. Some people will annoy us and some will be rude and disrespectful because you didn't sell to them, but at the end of the day, remember that the truth is in what you sell and how you sell it. Some very good people out there, just have to hold strong.
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