OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

I do agree with you but some people like myself I sell mostly new items not junk I specialize in costumes year around but my husband like to buy meet stuff all over the world that is why there are lot of assortment of items
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@Worldclasslady  People do sell all kinds of stuff on here. It’s great that you have things from all over. Makes for great shopping. There are things for sale that aren’t as expensive as something you may be selling but I wouldn’t label it junk. I’m sure the person selling it knows it’s a low dollar item. Who knows, it just might be that one thing you need to fix something else. It happens. 

Very true!
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Thanx ... so much !
2day is my 1st day @
OfferUp . i have thrown so much away , i live in apts. , no "garage sale" here.
having the oppurtunity 2 make a couple$ , im in!
Thanx again !
peace in, ...
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It is a great feeling to resell items that someone else may benefit from and make some $ along the way! You could also use the Apartment welcome center as an excellent meet-up location (if available) 👍😉 GLTU!
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A duck's feathers seal it's body, protecting it from water, it literally rolls off it's back! Sometimes we have to put on our duck feathers and avoid letting all the negative people get to us. Just let their antics roll off our backs. Its not always easy but your brain and body will thank you for doing it.

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@Woodguychris  I hear you. I believe the same thing. 

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I couldnt agree more. One persons garbage might be anothers treasure!
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I had no idea that this was a 'sell your discards and junk' sight. I guess I should take my very high end things elsewhere lol.
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It may be that the seller has had 30 messages of “is this available?”, the seller takes the time to answer then there is NO further communication. I may say- yes, it’s available. Do you want to meet?
Then there is nothing.
People are busy with their jobs, their families, long commutes— so you are asking them to jump at answering when experience shows buyers are mostly not sincere.
That may only apply to my part of the country. I wish you better results.