OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

I get my items from some local area car audio stores that are selling overstock items or have really good lot sales. I also barter and trade for some new and used quality items with individuals around the city. It really just depends. I like to follow my own motto, "If I wouldn't install it in my car or home, I won't sell it or buy it."

That way I stay accountable. Many times I'll buy items for people that are looking for certain things, they don't care what the item looks like as long as it works as it should, then I'll do that for many people.
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@betelgeuse_562 if youre waiting for seller's sources, most wont reveal those. Why would they? Besides each person has a different product niche. If you are interested in sourcing, youtube is full of information. It depends on many factors, budget, products, networking, etc.
Find what you want to sell. Educate yourself on specific products and research.
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Same here. In the last week I have sent more than 10 messages to sellers inquiring about  availability or offers at or near asking price. I received one response.  I don't know why they bother listing here if they have no intention  of selling.  So just a bit of advise to these people, i's rude and a waste of our time.  Oh and it doesn't  take a lot of effort  to mark something sold or to archive. And yes, there are real serious buyers out there.  So don't bit** if your item is not selling.  



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Sooo true! Love offer up!
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Thanks Remembrance