OfferUp Remember What The Purpose Of Site Is Selling Stuff You Don’t Need Anymore

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"Love Long & Prosper" Smiley Wink
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I haven't been on in awhile but because my O.U. BFF keeps in touch I got on today & saw your comment but more importantly your O.U. "handle". Since we're here on the Purpose of This Sight-No Tops Required etc...I have MAJOR STAMP COLLECTION from grandfather & Dad that I'm wanting to sell. Not organized as there are interested. Haven't posted for sell yet. Hit me up! @ L11
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Whoever said we would be giving our items to Goodwill?
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I don’t know about you, but I am definitely not trying to sell garbage.
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What do you mean keep your eyes on the prize
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ι ѕo agree wιтн тнιѕ. ιғ lowвallιn мaĸeѕ yoυ nervoυѕ тнen raιѕe тнe ιтeмѕ prιce. тнen leт тнeм тalĸ yoυ down. тнιѕ ιѕ тнe ѕιтe of needy ғaмιlιeѕ, vιcтιмѕ oғ wнaтever, low ιncoмe , υpper claѕѕ мιddle claѕѕ we all wanт a вargaιn and мoѕт oғ υѕ are on вυdgeтѕ, ѕocιal ѕecυrιтy, welғare eтc ѕo ѕavιng pennιeѕ or dollarѕ ιѕ a well worтн aѕĸed qυeѕтιon. ιтѕ yoυr ιтeм reѕearcн ιт onlιne ғor reѕale calcυlaтιon yo ĸnow тнe worтн ѕeт yoυr prιce. тнere ιѕ a prιce ғιrм вυттon. ι love a prιce cнallenge, if its cloѕe and no one ιѕ interested ι leт тнeм нave ιт. ιм very paтιenт wιтн мy ѕaleѕ ιn мy тнrιғтѕнop. ѕнow a lιттle love
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You hit it right on the nail Toyman
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That's what I thought?