Offerup 5 letter word game

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Previous word: Skink
Last letter: K
New word: Kitty
Level 9

Yager. R. Is the letter. I do have a question. This is just a game. How can anyone get marked Solution? It’s not like anyone is helping anyone. It’s just a game for fun while we sell and buy. 

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@Jones68--I'm not sure what happened. This was suppose to be a friendly game.
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Previous word: Yager
Last letter: R
New word: Ready
Level 9

Ready. So Y is the letter. Yacks. It is a friendly game. Because it’s a game I don’t think anyone should be ranked as Solution. It’s a word game. That’s all I’m saying. Not being unfriendly, just trying to be fair. S is the letter. 

Level 9
Last Word: YACKS
Ending letter: S
New word: SCOFF
Level 9

Nice word. F. Is the letter. Fable. E is the letter.

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Previous word: Fable
Last letter: E
New word: Elect
Level 9
Previous word: ELECT
Ending letter:T
New word: TOPAZ
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Previous word: Topaz
Last letter: Z
New word: Zincy