Offerup 5 letter word game

Level 9

@Alright  I don’t want you to go. Don’t even think that. My bad. That’s not what I mean. Isn’t it so easy to miss understand what people. You have to smile. LOL!

Level 9
@Jones68 Yes sir... I try to play nice but I’m also sick and have a low tolerance for bs😂 I’m not sure why they let me stay on here. Let’s play the game. “SUGAR”.. now you pick an r word. Haha I’m following the rules... no bad words and it’s 5 letters💙
Level 9

@Alright  Ready. So y is the letter. Like my mom used to say to me. Why, oh why ,oh why. She said that a lot. Hey a single mom with 5 kids. 

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Okay y'all the letter "R"
Let's Play!
Level 9
Ranch is my everything... “Hello”
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Not sure why "R" keeps popping "Up" 😆
Level 9
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Level 8
I'm SO confused...trying to jump in & thought we were on R...regardless...hmmmm...
Level 1
Yield 🖐