Offerup listing screeners/moderators

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I've been using this app for well over a year, with Increasing difficulty.

I'm struggling to understand why cover photos usernames, profile pfotos, etc. Are allowed to incorporate the user's email address and/phone number are allowed lately... that's violating the acceptable use policy and secure messaging.

Not only that, but the fake "verified seller" stock photos that are being put into the listing photos.

This ruins the selling experience for literally everyone. Really considering just leaving for good because the place is flooded with either scammers, or businesses posing as independent users.

Does anyone ACTUALLY moderate these posts before they're made?

If not, I suppose I'll go back to flagging everyone that doesn't belong on the app.

It used to actually be a decent place to get stuff sold.

P.S... bring back free bumping already.
OfferUp employee

@WRX82 We are building many features to detect certain things we do not allow before they even happen or before items are even posted, however, if you are seeing them on the app, please flag them and report them ASAP so our Customer Care team can look into their accounts. Thank you! 

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In short to answer your question, no. No person looks at each post to verify if it’s allowed or not, I also have high difficulty believing that reports/flags are checked by humans either as there are some items I’ve reported weeks or months ago that are still on OfferUp, one post being reposted a whopping 37 times, and another being a stolen IPhone that the seller admitted was stolen.

OfferUP needs to either put more care into the app and treat their consumer base like they care or just close down the operation. Hire some moderators for each city or something, or find some energetic people like yourself and I. I know I’d personally moderate my area for no monetary gain.
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@Chef I appreciate your feedback and will share your concerns with our teams. Please continue to flag items and report members who don't follow our posting rules or guidelines. Our team does look into every report and we are looking into more ways to help with this. 

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What needs to be done is a reward system for free promos or the ability to post some items at the top again for every certain amount of real reports turned in from violators posts! I personally have reported thousands and I see them back the next day. There's so many sellers posting stock photos now without anything being done that I'm starting to think that it would save me hours of time if I could simply use a stock photo or a picture from another site of an item that isnt even my item I'm selling. I'd be saving days worth of time on just digging the item out and cleaning it and then finding a well lighted area to snap 20 shots and have only 3 of them turn out barely looking good enough to post! I could download 1 fantastically clean shot and post it and be done! I've seen some sellers with every single item they are selling being all stock pics and nothing has ever been done so why should I even bother reporting them and why not just do it myself since there's no recourse or consequences? I'm certainly not getting rewarded for taking the time to report them so it's kinda senseless!
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Level 7
I have been reporting the many stock photos and I save all of them I report in a folder. I see literally nothing done about it ever! Complete waste of time, sone sellers have hundreds of stock photos and they never have a problem no matter how many times I report them they remain posted, I've given up and I myself will just start using stock photos since there's nothing to worry about. It will save me tons of time not having to clean things off and take pictures that turn out terrible since the app has no way to make corrections.

Why isn't this enforced? Also, why aren't businesses being stopped from posting mass quantities of items all showing phone and address in their posts? Charge them to post just like the ads posted by other stores! They have destroyed the selling process by reposting hundreds of items every hour, my stuff never gets seen anymore. It's pushed out of view instantly by the many shops and stores posting duplicates and so many services post here and they break every rule possible duplicates, showing phone and address, stock photos , wrong categories and of course a service!
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Not only that but how are so many accounts being hacked? Almost everyday in the past 2 weeks Every other ad I see is fake. I report everyone and yet most are still up. I would think when an account is posting over 50 ads for the same item in dozens of different cities and states every minute, you would notice it.