PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHY I SAY I can explain it to you, but I cant understand it for you

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OK, let's try to see if anyone can understand why I'm so tired, frustrated, giving up on any actual leadership of this site to show who the highest ranking idiot is that would use what power they have to influence many SIMPLE guidelines for members to meet the most RESONABLE minimum expected standards when using this site so the experience with using this site will IMPROVE FOR everyone.   I hate how the idiots that wont reveal a name , contact number, formal response to why this site chooses to do things so horribly.....  I know I was raised much differently than most and of course over 16 years of dedicated service in my beloved ARMY made it easy to conduct myself to the easiest most reasonable expectations for efficient communication skills so everybody knows what to do, how to do it, and performs as should to accomplish mission quickly & so effectively that it sets the bar that well, just simply makes things better because even the laziest, self-centered, loser that needs to accept the fact that mommy lied when saying how they are the most special human being again and again....  I sell an item, I mark it "SOLD" when item leaves my possesion.....  NOTE:  that is the correct thing to do -  accept it people.  But I'm too efficient with this that so many members failed to meet that simple standard that Master Sergeant Boxrocks (earned that nickname proven to be dumber than a box of rocks) decides that a good way to keep lazy idiots from learning and being accountable as a reasonable person by passing the buck to appear like its what should be done but really just **bleep** me off that I'm expected to make someone understand what they should've learned from early childhood....  'IS IT STILL AVAILABLE' became the dumbass way to waste my time effort and makes me think they want to buy it....  why ask if not going to buy??  So in my descriptions I state that it is still available because I mark items sold when they sell, so I'm saying what I say is the truth.  If i say its available  IT IS AVAILABLE!!!   NOTE:  'INTEGRITY'  if you ever get it you dont want to lose it but most people today have no Idea of what it is....   So I have integrity. I use my integrity for being the positive helpful way for making this hard life a little more easier  for all in any way possible.  I say that because its available if you ask if it is available, then for questioning my integrity calling me a liar  you should punch yourself in the face to learn how stupid you are.  Or I will make you add a fee to pay trying to make me work harder because you fail to meet easy standards.    So I posted an Item describing the item and being available so if you ask you just added $8 to the price.  YES, some lazy idiot asks if its available. I said it is and its now this price because he chose to pay me for my time.  Please keep up as it shows I'm onto something here....   I asked 'did you read description? Or just screwing around trying to get blocked & reported?'  that made him ask WTF I'm talking about.  'I need a jack jack **bleep**'  NOTE:  he calls me a jack **bleep** because he either cant read or cant     

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and only part of my post actually posts.....   This site sucks  for wasting so much time and effort....  amazing how idiots can ask if somethings still available when I've stated it is so dont be stupid by asking....  and I cant be efficient by not dealing with people having a hard time not buying anything after asking the dumbest possible questions...