Pacific Northwest

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Here in Washington State, the long rainy season has set it, perfect time to stay by the warm fire and check for deals on OfferUpSmiley Wink
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@Chris555 How about that snow not too long ago?! 

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Hi @Chris555 😊
Sounds great 👍, better than the hot days we have in AZ over 100 degrees in the summer, but this time of year it’s only 86 degrees today
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We do get our share of snow, it’s fun to play in once in awhile. I need to go up to Seattle eventually, my favorite work clothing is made up there, “Filson”. I’d like to tour the factory. I even got some on OfferUpSmiley Wink
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86 sounds really good right about nowSmiley Wink
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@Chris555 That's awesome. Smiley Happy

I'm just south of ya in Eugene Oregon! Hello fellow Pacific Northwestian!
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Washington dc?