Payment pending.....

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I Sold item and have made 3 attempts to get an actual update on payment with no resolution , Offerup C/S basically gives me same reply wait 3-5 bussiness days. Where is my funding!!
Item shipped 10/6 .
Item delivered 10/12 USPS track # 92055901755411000103xxxxxx .
its 10/22 and no funding in my acct!!!
I'm going to seek further action !!! this is not how this is supposed to work..
where is my payment!!

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same problem here
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Same here!!! I contacted them multiple times with payment pending status. It’s been over a month now & NO RESPONSE at ALL!!!
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Wow that's like not even right. Have they (OfferUp) even got back with you about this?
Same issue no help
No replies to emails. Just links with absolutely no resolution