Payment pending.....

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I Sold item and have made 3 attempts to get an actual update on payment with no resolution , Offerup C/S basically gives me same reply wait 3-5 bussiness days. Where is my funding!!
Item shipped 10/6 .
Item delivered 10/12 USPS track # 92055901755411000103xxxxxx .
its 10/22 and no funding in my acct!!!
I'm going to seek further action !!! this is not how this is supposed to work..
where is my payment!!

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same problem here
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Same here!!! I contacted them multiple times with payment pending status. It’s been over a month now & NO RESPONSE at ALL!!!
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Wow that's like not even right. Have they (OfferUp) even got back with you about this?
Same issue no help
No replies to emails. Just links with absolutely no resolution
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Same problem. It’s been over a month that I have not received my funds. I just go back and forth with emails that I am pretty sure is some kind of robot email and not an actual person. I said I was sick of emails going no where and would like someone to call me to be told that they don’t take phone calls. My last result is to show up to the Offer Up office as they are local to me in the Seattle area. Ugh.... so much work to get $49. But I feel like they are stealing from me! As if the 9.9% charge isn’t enough! Honestly I don’t think they have earned their “cut” on this transaction. After a month of emails I plan to show up at their office and see where that gets me.