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I sold a car few days ago to a father and son, somehow , they paid me cash and drive the car off without caollecting the title , I just discovered now that the title is home with me, I’ve dropped messages on the chat where I sent them my address but no reply for 3 days now, they will have issues to find me if they’ve deleted the app or deleted the chat after purchasing the car, they won’t be able to register the car also, can anyone help, I still have my own chat with them but no reply
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@aanufamo Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,

aanufamo I recommend contacting customer care ether through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you or from the link below.

OfferUp Customer care
Contact dmv and explain. Let them give u instruction..
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Thanks, I will do that, they can’t even register it without the title , I can only give MVD the VIN info, but how will they trace them too?
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Thanks for the info, will use the twitter line
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Oh no!! @aanufamo First off - I can see that you're doing your best to get the title over to the new owner. Definitely keep trying to reach out to him, and if you're unable to, I agree with @Unity-is-Power that the DMV may be able to assist further.

What you want is to put DMV on notice that the vehicle, though still registered to you is no longer yours nor is it in your possession. If the buyer has an accident (I pray he does not), or if a crime is committed un the car, you at least have some record of this... Otherwise as the registered owner, you may be held liable.
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There is a form that you can fill out for the DMV releasing title.
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Go to DMV office, they will help you faster, If a car accident happens or anything with the car under your name, YOU will be responsinle. The o ly way to fix this problem is with DMV. Go and explain them the same you Posted here. Theu will give you a form and have a copy for you. If something happens after you went to DMV it will not be your problem. When the buyer goes to any DMV they automatically will be notified and they will be charged extra fews for not doing the transfer. Just go to DMV is easier and Free Smiley Happy