Pls Important Q. Anyone knowledgeable OR Espec an OU rep/admin. Deals w SAFETY ISSUE. TYB

Hello OfferUp community,
You've helped w quick answers to what I thought were important Qs in past. I wud not ask this, nor rush this, were it not of the Important kind of Q. Its about Safety, over & above only OfferUp selling, buying, etc. I can't reach an official OU rep, & I don't know what to do. I need to explain by pm bc well it's hard to say why bc etc... pls answer. TY so much.
Level 9
Have you tried the OfferUp Twitter Support Page?

That's a good way to reach them.

What about the search bar?

Whatever it is, it has probably been discussed before, so give that a go.


This is pretty old, well, I hope you got it figured out.