Problems with buyers

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I have had many problems with buyers in the past but never a problem with someone offering too much!!
A week ago I had an out of local area buyer ask for the availability of close to 50 items in my offers. After much discussion on trying to help her set up her profile for shipping I tell her that she will need to get more help from a friend or tech services. After a few days the buyer comes back with the ability to have items shipped. 1st problem is that she keeps editing each item price by offering me 2x to 3x more than what I’m asking for. 2nd problem is that she is ignoring my comments on bundling and keeps making individual offers. I took a look at some of her posts and she doesn’t seem like she knows what she is doing. I tried contacting her multiple times, finally saying I will not sell the items to her until she says she understands what she is doing. She just said “Yes” and that she “what’s all of it. Does anyone have suggestion?
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It’s a scam!
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I originally thought that it was a scam. But it was her making the I decided to accept a small $2 offer she made and OfferUp had cancelled the sale and every other one after that. She cost me so much time since I had to decline every single offer she made (about 200). I looked at her offers and she’s incoherent when describing and in the titles. I hoping that OfferUp received at least one of my many requests for help on this individual and blocked her from purchasing.
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Hey there @EJames
Isn't the minimum shipping cost $5?
Maybe that's why OU canceled the offer... $2?
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@EJames--This is an unfortunate situation. Years ago I had a situation where the buyer wanted to offer me a lot more than I was selling the item. Then he says for shipping, & then it was to pay "his driver" to pick up the item. Follow your gut, because if it seems too good to be true--most likely it is.
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Yes I agree. I was hoping to sell off just one item to pay for the time but then they would have my return address after shipping. I’m blocking her before she sends me another 200 offers. Thanks y’all for your replies.
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Well, I have had $2 items before ship with no problem. I don’t believe that could be it but you are right in that there is a possibility the error could be on my end. Still, there is something wrong with this person and she is being blocked today. Thanks for your feedback!