Profile and items for sale gone

My original page and sale items are gone !!! I had a sale In the process, and now this site is costing me money !! 

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@WilliamRLutzJr--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I sorry that your information, along with pending transactions are not showing. Yo further assist you, please reach out to customer care:

OfferUp Customer care

--I hope this helps!!
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Same here. Waiting for a reply from CS, taking way too long. I also think I was hacked, 6 posts of the same car was posted on my account NOT by me.
I just had to email them again. It's B.S. that they never even responded to my last one . Did you ever get an answer?
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@WilliamRLutzJr--Did you check your spam &/or junk mail for a response? I will also tag @Mj_206 to see if you can receive further assistance. I hope everything works out!!