Level 1
I just started offer up and when I go to my profile to view public comments it says I sold 6 items and that's not true why
Level 9
Could be a temporary thing?

What have you tried to fix it so far?
Level 1
Nothing I don't know how
Level 9
On your phone go to Settings, under Apps go to OfferUp

You will see an option to clear cache / data

Uninstall the app.

Restart the phone.

Install the app again.

Start the app and log back into the account.

Do it in that order and you will have finished doing all you can from your end.

If this process doesn't fix it, contact support.

I do remember others having a similar issue, unsure if they gave an update.
Level 1
Thank you so much I will get right on it right now again thank you I will let you know