Level 3
Has anyone experienced buyers set up meeting, say they are interested then they go ghost??!! Lol, ive had 3 solid leads then i never hear bk from them. Ive had tons of people say they r interested then thats the i the only one this happens to??? Lol
Level 6
Nope, you're not alone.

This is somewhat common nowadays on most selling apps.

Lack of follow through and manners.

I would say meet close to home and don't head out until you confirm meet up 5min prior.

If they ghost you then at least you won't loose much time.
Level 3
Thank u!! Im new to this app selling game! Lol
Level 10! You're a 10!
@Kristina5--Hello!! I've had people respond within a few seconds after I post an item, expressing interest, I respond right back..._ nothing. Unfortunately it happens especially when some people show a lack of follow through.
Level 3
Same here!! I'm quick to respond just in case I can make a sale, get my hopes up....then nothing!! Lol I wonder why?!?!
Level 10! You're a 10!
@Kristina5--Unfortunately we all experience this. It goes back to people having a lack if follow through, & if they change their mind they just don't tell the seller.